GEODIS launches a new charter service between USA and Europe
Following the U.S. government's ban on travel from Europe which will have a significant impact on the movement of trans-Atlantic cargo. GEODIS establishes 4 times weekly, roundtrip charter flights for cargo between Europe and the United States. This new service will connect USA Gateways through Chicago to Amsterdam with connecting service to European Gateways. Book now!
Chicago to Amsterdam
Departure schedule from 21 March 2020 through 16 April 2020: every Saturday / Sunday / Tuesday / Thursday
Amsterdam to Chicago
Departure schedule from 22 March 2020 through 17 April 2020: every Sunday / Monday / Wednesday / Friday
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                                       Other GEODIS' Air Freight Services
One-size-fits-all solutions don’t always apply when it comes to airfreight. Sometimes, your goods will need to get to their destination as quickly as possible. Other times you will want a variety of tailored options that make sense for you. Or perhaps speed isn’t a priority at all – you are simply looking to save costs. Just tell us what yu are looking for! GEODIS is proud to offer you airfreight services that will meet your requirements - AirFlex, AirFast or AirSave. Which service is right for you?
AIRFAST – delivery on definite time schedule on major lanes worldwide AIRFLEX – fastest port-to-port connection AIRSAVE – most cost-effective  freight consolidation via our own hubs
Our AIRFAST services have been designed for customers who need their goods delivered urgently. The shipments have a pre-defined transit time of between 1-3 days, booked according to the first available with a preference for scheduled passenger services. Customers can choose between a back-to-back or consolidated service optimized by GEODIS recommended carriers and routing to meet their specific requirements. Our AIRFLEX service provides customers with customized back-to-back service for commodities that require specialized handling. The service actively meets a variety of customer needs, transporting commodities of any dimension carried by passenger or freight airlines, including extra-urgent, dangerous goods (DG), temperature control, human remains (HUM), valuable (VAL), vulnerable (VUN), and Aircraft-on-Ground (AOG) shipments.  If a customer’ main priority is cost, our AIRSAVE service provides a great, economical solution. We use preferred partners as well as our own carrier and routing options for branch-to-branch shipping for general cargo. The service has a maximum transit time of 4-7 days with transparent, all-in rates that include surcharges. It is also a perfect solution for shipment consolidation.
AirDirect Mexico

The solution focuses on a fixed day schedule, complemented by our Road Network services in Asia and on-carriage solutions in Mexico, including daily scheduled intra-Mexican deliveries to all metropolitan cities. The transit time between Hong Kong to Guadalajara, including a technical stop in Anchorage, is only 22 hours, door to door is possible within 72 hours. Our solution is designed to respond to diverse needs: from time-sensitive shipments to a deferred option, including dangerous goods handling.  

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