Overview of IRIS

IRIS (Intelligent Real-time Information
System): an advanced eSolution which takes shipping to the next level. IRIS provides you with improved visibility and real time information. Given today’s high speed business requirements, accurate and timely information about transportation is a competitive asset. 

IRIS improves your supply chain efficiency. Accessible 24/7, this tool empowers you to book, track and trace your shipment at any point throughout the supply chain with just a few simple clicks. To find out more about how IRIS can make your supply chain more efficient and effective, please view the introduction video or follow the links to materials and contacts below.

    Key Functionalities of IRIS
Some of our Customer Testimonials on IRIS
"IRIS is the most user friendly system we have available to us and the push function is fantastic."
IKEA Indonesia: "You won our trust by showing us IRIS capabilities and by dedicating custom officers to manage our studious customs".
"I wish we had something like this three years ago, making booking online going much easier!."
"Seeing both Freight Control and IRIS, you are ahead of the competition and we, at ACER want both the systems."
"Based on what I've seen today, I'm impressed! It's good!"
"GEODIS has done a great job in developing a tool like this. We look forward to using IRIS. It's intuitive and looks very easy to use."